Mac lion resume settings

Aug 26, 2011  Mac OS X Lions App Resume feature is both loved and hated. Most people seem to love the feature for most of their apps, but dont want it enabled for others. Up until now, youve had to issue either appspecific defaults write commands or lock saved states folders, or just disable Resume How to Disable Auto Resume in Mac OS X Lion.

To turn off automatic resume for every application in Lion, perform the following steps. Open System Preferences either from the Dock or the Apple Menu; Select the General settings in the Personal section; In OS X Lion: To enable Resume for all applications, place a checkmark in the Restore windows when quitting and reopening apps box.

To disable Resume for all applications, remove the checkmark from the same box. In OS X Mountain Lion and later, the process is reversed. Instead of enabling the Resume function with a checkmark, you remove a TinkerTool: Tweak Mac Lion Default Tools, UI Elements& Overall Usage [Review by Usman Javaid; Apr 16, 2012; The Mac OS X Lion Resume feature can be enableddisabled for almost any application from Resume window. It lets you change the application resume behavior with a click.

Managing Mac OS X Lion's application resume feature. OS X Lion comes with a feature that automatically resumes the last state of applications, including previously opened documents and windows. Here is how to manage and customize this behavior.

Jul 18, 2011 Disable Resume& App Window Restore Completely in Mac OS X Lion& Mountain Lion How to Disable Resume in Mac OS X Lion. 1. Click the Apple icon on the Menu Bar and click System Preferences from the menu. 2. When the System Preferences window opens click General under Personal.

3. When the General page opens uncheck Restore windows when quiting and reopening apps. How To Disable Lion's 'Resume' Feature With Resume, you can restart your Mac and return to what you were doing with all your apps in the places where you left them.

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