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Apr 11, 2017 What season in family guy episode where peter helps Chris in French? May 23, 2010  Which episode of family guy was it when Peter was helping Chris with his french homework and they said phoque? Phoque is french for seal and it is pronounced" fawk"like the word hawk. I know that Peter was using the word to give examples of things like he called somebody a" big gay phoque" he drew a picture of a 00: 32 Right after the view on the house at the beginning there's an extension: Chris asks for help with his French homework, which results in some gags with the fword.

Chris: No, that's how you say" seal" in French, " phoque". Peter: He's right, Lois, look. [shows picture of seal and French term below And here, I'll help you remember. 'Family Guy' actress with Down syndrome fires back (at Palin) Source: Star Tribune According to an email, Andrea Fay Friedman, who voiced a character with Down syndrome on last Sunday's episode of" The Family Guy" who ticked off Sarah Palin, thinks" laughing is good.

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