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Marxism believes the family is socially constructed to benefit the bourgeoisie while interactionists look at family at a microscale without generalisation. Functionalists view the family as a nuclear family and assume that the family is a positive beneficial institution in which family members receive unconditional love, nurturing and care.

Marxist is a perspective view that society is built as class conflict between the Capitalist who own the means of production and the working class. Capitalists believe that there is are three functions of the family: Inheritance of property; ideology functions and unit of Examine the Marxist view of the family Marxists believe that the nuclear family is dominant in capitalists society.

They see the family as performing essential functions, but negative functions. Marxist View on the Family Marxists Views on the Family There are three Marxists views of the family, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Eli Zaretsky; they all see all institutions such as education, the media and the family as Examine Marxist views on the role of the family Marxists see the society as a capitalist society, based on an unequal conflict between the two social classes.

The capitalists who own the means of production and the working class who provide the labour for the capitalists to exploit for profit. examine the view that the nuclear family is the the best way to raise children The sociologists who believe that the nuclear family is the best way to raise children are the functionalists and the New Right. 9 essays essay plans spanning all the topics within the families and households topic. Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

Price will vary with dollar exchange rate. Related Posts Essay plan on the Marxist perspective on the family. Marxist Feminist Perspectives on the Family. Feminist Perspectives on the Family Evaluate the View that the Main marxist view of the family essay Home Forums Ask Us a Question marxist view of the family essay This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by KeganPync 5 days, 18 hours ago.

Asses the Marxist View That the Main Role of the Family Is to Serve the Interest of Capitalism 847 Words Dec 8th, 2011 4 Pages Asses the Marxist view that the main role of the family is to serve the interest of capitalism. To conclude, the Marxist view of family proves to be quite negative on the concept of family, stating that the proletariat are being exploited by the bourgeoisie as a unit of consumption (said by Zaretsky), and other than that, serve no other purpose but to reproduce for the inheritance of property (said by Engels).

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