Public transport should not be free essay

Maybe free public transit should be thought of not as a behavioral instrument, but as a right; poorer citizens have just as much of a privilege Jun 28, 2012 In my opinion, public transport should be free or not is decided based on the government benefits and even the nation's benefits. What the government must do is make sure to find the most effective methodologies to combat the problems. Jul 07, 2010 Public transport WS Reader Comments40 Comments on Why Free Public Transport is perhaps a bad idea Why Free Public Transport is perhaps a bad idea There are a good number of proponents around the world supporting the idea that public transport should be free.

By making public transport free, the Government would be encouraging people to use public transport instead of driving to and from work. Whilst there may be the initial lack of revenue from the ticket prices, the Government would benefit the environment.

Aug 08, 2012 While making public transport free might make cities cleaner more efficient and comfortable, this essay will show that this would not be practical in many countries. (41 words) At the beginning, making the public transport like metros, buses or taxis free of charge means attracting many people to ride these types of transport. The Public Transportation Should Be Free Essay The Public Transportation Should be Free of Charge We know that the current congestion is getting worse in big cities of Indonesia such as Jakarta and Surabaya.

There are many private vehicles were thronged the streets. Especially in the cars, there are a lot of private cars that contain All public transport should be free by Proshot There are many reasons for why public transport should be free. Not only is it time efficient and fair, but also stops you from wasting money that could be used for more important occasions. Public transport should be free essay For example: Along with blue is calming, represents communication, promotes interaction, and a lot color blind people can easily see it.

Students of assorted specializations all over the world will often be needed to write an essay. Essay topics: Some people claim that public transport should be free of charge, while other disagree.

Discuss both views and give your opinion. Submitted by pratikdkr1 on Sun, 14: 13 All public transport should not be free and paid for by the government because there are more impotent things to pay for. In my opinion, there are more important things that the government should support and fully cover, like hospitals, fire and police departments, and maybe even schools.

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