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History of Air New Zealand Essay. History (including Tasman Empire Airways LimitedAir New Zealand, New Zealand National Airways Corporation, and Air New Zealand 1978on) issued February 2006 1939 During the months before the New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australian Governments reached agreement on the constitution of the new Air New Zealand is an international and domestic airline group which provides air passenger and cargo transport services within New Zealand, as well as to and from Australia, the South West Pacific, Asia, North America and the United Kingdom (Air New Zealand Ltd.2013).

AIR NEW ZEALAND Introduction Air New Zealand is the largest flag carrier in New Zealand, which is operating scheduled passenger flights to 26 international and 25 domestic.

The airline has been a member of the Star Alliance since 1999. Introduction Air New Zealand Limited was incorporated in 1940 registered in New Zealand, initially founded as Tasman Empire Airways Limited.

Air New Zealand is a government owned airline based in Auckland; the exterior design of Air New Zealands human resource department is headed by Keith Muirhead, who is responsible for all recruitments for the company (Air New Zealand, 2012).

Air New Zealand has a working force of employees that work the company. Air New Zealand began as Tasman Empire Airways Limited which from 1940 has been operating Short Empire flying boats on transTasman routes. Tasman Empire Airways Limited has operated flights in world war II weekly from Auckland to Sydney and also added Fiji and Wellington to its route.

Air New Zealand Limited, is the national airline and flag carrier of New Zealand. Since the appointment of Ralph Norris as Managing Director and CEO of Air New Zealand in February 2002, Air New Zealand has been working on its new strategic direction.

A proposal of loyalty program for Air New Zealand Introduction Air New Zealand is the biggest airline operation within New Zealand, and offers a fantastic airline service around the world. Our airline offer first class, business

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